About me

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness”
Robert Morely

Moin, hello & bonjour!

licensed sport instructor

Happy girl from North Germany, mother + wife, fitness trainer for women 35+ and children, living in Belmont-sur-Lausanne.

Why do I do this and nothing else?
I believe that sport and physical activity can help you in your daily life. This starts when you are a child and will probably never stop until old age.
Sports must not always be about competition and intense workout – what matters is to integrate physical activity into your daily life while enjoying yourself – I want to help you find your own way and to have fun!

What motivates me?
Passion, power and most of all, hope! Hope to move anything. I want to help and inspire people to find their way and own pleasures in sports. Prejudices that say pregnant women should not do any kind of sport or only selected ones and that mums have to lose the extra pounds straight after having given birth. My moto: “take your time and most of all, enjoy yourself!”
I also strive to share my passion for sports with small kids by teaching them, through fun and games, the basic four elements of physical activity: endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility.
Last, but not least, I am also driven by the love of life (and a big portion of chocolate).

Sports & me
I started sports as a toddler and since then it has always held an important place in my life. From the age of 4 to 14, I have done ballet dancing and everything I learnt throughout the hours and years spent at the ballet studio are still helping me in my daily life (shoulders down, back straight and so on… ok I must admit I’ve lost my flexibility).
Aside from ballet dancing, I also practice swimming from age 6 to 16. You’ll ask me, how can you combine ballet and swimming? That’s something I also ask myself… maybe it’s like an elephant in a porcelain shop? But the only thing that mattered was that I was having fun!
Later on, as a student, I discovered the gym. I had always thought it impossible to have fun in the gym until it became my sport. I am not a bodybuilder nor do I like excess, but I love to go there to find my balance!

– 1984 birth in Flensburg (North Germany)
– 2001 – 2004 apprenticeship in hotel business
– 2006 – 2011 studies in sports science
– 2011 – 2015 Sales, Marketing & Events Manager in a sports hotel
– 2015 – 2017 Key Account Manager Sport in a media agency
– 2016 birth of our daughter Ella
– 2018 CEO Hessischer Karateverband (sport association)
– 2019 moved to Lausanne region
– 2019 advanced training “fitness trainer for children”
– 2020 established Fit Family
– 2020 advanced training postnatal trainer (BuggyFit)
– 2020 advanced training “Personal Trainer”


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