Alone we are strong… together we are stronger!

About the course

Horray, your baby is born and you’re starting a new chapter in your life. During the restless nights, the primary uncertainties and the changes in your daily life, you and your baby have enjoyed the time together, got to know each other and cuddle a lot. And now you want to start doing something for yourself? Build up endurance and strength to organise your new daily life? You want to meet other new mums who are facing the same challenges as you are?

Then join our BuggyFit course.

Get to know your body again. Exercise with a training that perfectly fits your postpartum body and get to know other new mums. But above all else: do it for yourself, become comfortable with your new body and have fun!

You’re looking to:

– feel comfortable with your new body
– strengthen your muscles
– build up your endurance
– stay fit


What will you gain from our course:

– prevention against back pain and pelvic complaints
– stabilisation of the pelvic floor
– reduction of diastasis recti
– getting back your body
– minimise stress
– feeling comfortable with yourself
– getting strong for the daily life


We offer you:

– small groups
– motivation and assistance
– time for questions
– individual and personalised consulting for your training
– diversified exercises and unities
– the right exercises after giving birth


Monday 10:15 – 11:15 am


Lutry football area


19,00 CHF single lesson

Don´t forget!

Comfortable (sports) clothes adapted to the weather, sports shoes, water bottle, stroller in good condition.
If possible: take a yoga mat or pad for exercises in the meadow.
If possible, please breastfeed or feed your child beforehand.

    Happy, well informed, active and laughing pregnant women and mothers are close to my heart!


    In cooperation with buggyfit Switzerland.

    Have fun with other mums!

    As we all know, doing sport alone is nice, but doing sport in a group is much better. 

    Happy mum, happy kids!

    Do the things you like and which are good for you, your child will appreciate that!

    Personal Training

    We will find out which exercises fit best for you and your body!

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